Monero Pool List


The Monero Pool List was created as a simple and an ad-free alternative to other pool comparison websites. It allows miners to have an overview of the Monero network, to choose a mining pool, and to check up on the health of the network.

Tor Hidden Service

This site is accessible via Tor!

You can reach it by navigating to monero7cefasycyt52imkjs254fuga4pnv5jxwid2mhycmgnwsnviuad.onion.


Like almost all web servers, the web server powering this site keeps a log of each request. The recorded information includes a timestamp of the request, the file requested, and the requester's IP address. This limited data collected is exclusively used for troubleshooting purposes and is retained for 14 days, it will never be shared with third-parties for profit or otherwise.


This site costs very little to run, so you should probably consider donating to a more worthy project like something in the Monero Community Crowdfunding System, but if your Moneroj is really burning a hole in your pocket you can send some coins to 46vkiT777ccdfyHs4jgphQH9BRorEGxcp9YT2KfU2jdfQSDMj4uoa5PYeTKoPjPRCNMPSz28wmCNFMV381aDdApK49TaGcE. The private view-key for this address is 75dd5d15439ba1056973152b4b0ba9712d8591febf4a2b191979cb1b412ab90a.